Friday, Sep. 16, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker: From a Square Peg to Carrie Bradshaw

Though she's most famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's popular series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker made her first splash onto the small screen in 1982 as Patty Greene, the frizzy-haired, bespectacled teenager on the CBS sitcom Square Pegs, about brainiacs wanting to be part of the cool crowd. When it came to outward appearance, the two Parker characters couldn't be more opposite: Bradshaw liked makeup and Manolos, whereas Greene seemed immune to hair-care products and wore overalls without irony. Bradshaw was flirty and confident; Greene was adorably geeky and socially challenged. Even those with the most untrained fashion eye could differentiate the two characters in a New York City minute.