Friday, Sep. 16, 2011

David Duchovny: From Agent Mulder to Hank Moody

In the '90s, David Duchovny was almost synonymous with the role of Agent Mulder, the stoic FBI agent in The X-Files whose rough family history dragged him through paranormal cases that others considered bogus. But after that show ended and his movie career didn't exactly take off, in 2007 he assumed the lead role in Californication, playing struggling writer Hank Moody, whose addictive personality (as well as accompanying indulgences) wears on his ex-wife and daughter. In recent years, Duchovny's private life seems to have imitated his art, albeit more of the Moody than Mulder variety. The former Yale doctoral candidate, who traded his English thesis for acting, publicly dealt with divorce and sex addiction, though Californication's ratings emerged without a scratch.