Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011

Allen Samuels

Allen Samuels works at an Atlantic City, N.J., casino. He's very fit, still has most of his graying hair and apparently has enough money to buy two Mercedes-Benzes and fill his private airplane with frilly purple pillows. But Samuels lacks one very important thing: someone in his life who, when he decides to make a rap video, takes him aside and says "Oh, honey. No." That person doesn't seem to exist for Samuels, so he made a rap video so terrible even Rebecca Black would wince. "Livin' de Life" features Samuels getting a doctor's checkup, chillin' on the golf course in an Under Armour turtleneck and dancing around Times Square in a pinstripe suit and the widest white tie we've ever seen. "It ain't about black, and it ain't about white," Samuels raps. "It ain't about folks creepin' into the night." Oh, good. Glad we cleared that one up. Samuels, who seemingly has decided to single-handedly bring back the ripped-jeans trend for the over-50 set, appears to be the vice president of marketing for the Resorts casino in Atlantic City. So is this video just a marketing tool to get people to visit New Jersey?