Tuesday, Aug. 02, 2011

Dates Are the Fast-Breaking Food of Choice

A date is traditionally the first thing eaten to break the fast, followed by juice or jallab — a sweet drink made from dates, rose water and carob that is usually served with floating pine nuts and raisins. In Egypt, dates, a traditional Ramadan food, are harvested in different farms and oases across the country, as well as imported from North Africa and the Arabian Gulf states. The best dates are often given catchy names by their vendors to help market them. In 2006, after Israel's war against Lebanon, the best dates were called Hassan Nasrallah, after the leader of Lebanon's Hizballah. In 2009, after the U.S. President made a visit to Cairo, the best dates were called Obama. This year, the most prized dates are called Martyrs of the Revolution. Tahrir Square is another favorite.