Friday, Jun. 10, 2011

Sarah Ferguson and the 'Fake Sheik'

She's been ridiculed as the Duchess of Pork for her work with Weight Watchers, and a photographer once snapped a shot of a man sucking her toes. But nothing could have prepared Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson for the embarrassment that followed a sting operation launched by the News of the World in May 2010. The tabloid secretly filmed Fergie demanding a payment of £500,000 (about $820,000) from an undercover reporter posing as a wealthy Arab businessman. In exchange, she promised access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew, a U.K. trade envoy. "That opens up everything you would ever wish for," she's heard saying on the tape. "I can open any door you want, and I will for you. Look after me and he'll look after you ... you'll get it back tenfold."