Monday, Jun. 13, 2011

Samsung Droid Charge Smart Phone (Verizon)

If Dad's got a need for speed and that need for speed relates to surfing the Web on a smart phone, you need look no further than Verizon's $300 Samsung Droid Charge.

If he travels a lot, the ability to share the phone's rock-solid and superfast 4G data connection with a laptop, tablet or any other device with a wi-fi connection is absolutely indispensable.

The phone isn't exactly cheap, and sharing the connection carries an additional $20-per-month fee, which stings a bit, but I literally kept the Droid Charge running as a wi-fi hot spot for three days straight while on a recent work trip to New York, and it was as if I was using my home broadband connection the entire time. It works that well.