Monday, Jun. 13, 2011

Subscription to

Dad's a big Red Sox fan, but someone just couldn't bear the thought of not living right down the street from her sister in Fresno, Calif. Fresno! It's no-man's-land. Who's Dad supposed to root for? The Dodgers? The Giants? The A's? The Angels? Life sure got complicated once we all moved to California.

Treat your father to an subscription so he can watch the Sox play just like he did in the pre-Fresno days. The standard $80 version lets him stream any and all out-of-market baseball games to a computer, smart phone or one of several compatible TV products, while the $100 premium package adds switchable home and away broadcasts, multiple viewing angles and DVR controls.

Pair the subscription with any of's At Bat mobile apps, and Dad's got himself a nice, portable baseball-watching machine that's perfect for those times he needs to retire to the garage.