Monday, Jun. 06, 2011

Courtney Love's Lawsuits

Courtney Love is nothing if not scandalous. Just a few months after Love paid an undisclosed amount to settle a lawsuit that claimed she defamed a fashion designer on Twitter, the rocker has once again been served with court papers for her actions on the social networking site. The San Diego law firm, Gordon & Holmes, filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court saying Love made libelous statements about them on Twitter. Apparently mad when the law firm refused to take her as a client — they had worked with her before, but Love fired the firm after they requested she refrain from substance abuse during their working relationship — Love tweeted to her followers, "I was f___ing devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq was bought off." While there's no telling what will happen with this Twitter-charged law suit, it seems the rocker has already signed off the site. Let's hope this time it is for good.