Thursday, May. 19, 2011

Bonnybridge, Scotland

There's something special about Bonnybridge, Scotland. Since 1992, the small town has been the sight of an unusually high number of UFO sightings. In fact, Bonnybridge lies in what UFO believers call "The Falkirk Triangle," an area of land between the cities Stirling, Fife and the outer neighborhoods of Edinburgh where people routinely report unidentified objects sailing through the sky. The Scottish government says it receives over 300 UFO sightings from Bonnybridge and surrounding areas every year.

Bonnybridge's first UFO sighting occurred in 1992, when a man named James Walker reported seeing a star-shaped object hovering above a road. Other sightings followed and in 1993, the local government held a meeting about the trend. They never came to a conclusion, although alcohol was considered as a possible cause of many of the sightings. UFO reports have continued over the years, leading some people to believe they might be real. "How do we know aliens aren't walking about?" Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan told The Scotsman newspaper in 2005. "I have no doubt that Bonnybridge is part of something exciting."