Friday, May. 06, 2011

Kathryn Franklin, 18

I live in Northwest Georgia, and my county was hit fairly hard by the recent tornadoes. We all have been searching for anything positive to cling to. It seemed that there was nothing there for us. But then we got the news of Osama bin Laden's death. Nothing can compare to that feeling. It's a bit wearing to go from absolute despair to genuine happiness in a matter of minutes. I vaguely remember how I felt when my mother told me about the attacks on 9/11. I didn't really understand what had happened. But I will never forget how it felt to learn that the man responsible for these attacks is no longer alive. I know nothing will happen over night, but we need our moment to celebrate. Life has been rough for years it seems and we haven't had news like this in way too long. I'm especially proud of our soldiers and President Obama for finally getting the job done, and hopefully this is bringing us closer to finally ending the war.

Franklin is a freshman at Dalton State College studying history. She was 9 years old on 9/11.