Friday, May. 06, 2011

The Green Berets

Correction Appended: May 20, 2011

The Green Berets constitute the U.S. Army's most elite unit. Formed in 1952, the Special Forces specialize in counterinsurgency and have been instrumental in combating a variety of enemies, from guerrillas in Vietnam to drug lords in Colombia. Their motto, "De Oppresso Liber" ("to free the oppressed"), is no small task, but they are well trained for the job. In addition to their combat and counterterrorism training, the Green Berets are also skilled in languages, culture, diplomacy, politics and psychological tactics like spreading false information, all of which have given them a designation as America's quiet soldier-professionals. Currently they are being heavily utilized in training foreign troops in Afghanistan so the country can eventually take charge of its own security operations.

Correction: The original version of this story stated that the Green Berets can wear berets in other colors than green.