Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011

John Lasseter

If any of us had the good fortune to choose our neighbors, we would ask for John Lasseter. He and his wife Nancy have raised a posse of boys who look you in the eye when they speak, say "please" and "thank you" and are Olympians in the sport of childhood. Not surprising when their father is the master fabricator of joy.

As head of Pixar, John, 54, gathers the raw material of life, puts it in the giggle-laugh-tear-goose-bump forge and shapes it into a product that leaves an imprint on civilization equal to that of the locomotive, the compass or the brick. John's style never reaches below the belt for the cheap laugh. He is John Lasseter because of a high standard of art, perception and fun that everyone in every language can relate to and enjoy. He surrounds himself with people who share the values and work ethic necessary to maintain that standard — now recognized worldwide as simply Pixar.

Audiences expect greatness from the elves of Emeryville, and they have yet to be disappointed, as they reward each film with their laughter, tears and patronage. It's been an honor to have been invited into John's sandbox these past 17 years.

Ratzenberger has played a voice role in every Pixar feature