Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011

John Boehner

When you've been around Washington as long as I have, you develop instincts about people, what drives them to positions of leadership and what sustains them in the inevitable periods of testing. I decided a long time ago that John Boehner is an exceptional leader, a true man of the House, whose respect for the institution extends to each of its members. Moreover, John's guiding principles include a healthy regard for those whose principles might differ from his own. The most successful members of Congress are, paradoxically, those who never forget where they came from, who cling to values bred into them by family, faith and community. Being one of 12 children, you learn early what it means to seek common ground.

In his short time as Speaker, John, 61, has already made good on promises of greater transparency, while effectively putting an end to congressional earmarks. Neither flashy nor flamboyant, he brings to work qualities that are infinitely more useful: integrity, decency, vast experience, a feel for how people outside the Beltway live and struggle and the deserved trust of his colleagues. John loves his country, and it shows.

Dole served in the House and Senate and was the 1996 Republican presidential nominee