Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011

David Cameron

The first time I met David Cameron, I knew we were political soul mates.

It didn't matter that he was an ocean away, campaigning to lead a completely different type of government. When he talked about governing for the people and not for his Conservative Party, he was giving advice that applies just as much in Washington or Sacramento as it does in the British Parliament.

Fortunately for Great Britain (and for party leaders watching his example from both shores), Cameron, 44, has chosen to lead from the center, where the real action is. It isn't just talk; he's built a coalition government and redefined his party. The road he's taken will bring attacks from the right and the left. But as I told Cameron's party recently in London, President Eisenhower advised us to stay in the middle of the road, avoiding the gutters occupied by the extreme right and left. The Prime Minister deserves our praise and imitation for showing the way out of those gutters.

Schwarzenegger is the former governor of California