Tuesday, Apr. 05, 2011

Charlie Chaplin

Legendary British actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin made it big with the Little Tramp in the U.S., but in the red-fearing '40s and '50s, the U.S. government wasn't a fan. In his 1964 autobiography, Chaplin wrote, "Although I am not a Communist I refused to fall in line by hating them." When the longtime U.S. resident went to London for a premiere in 1952, the U.S. made it clear returning would be difficult. As TIME reported in 1953, Chaplin announced he was giving up his American residence because of "an unhealthy atmosphere in which liberal-minded individuals can be singled out and persecuted." Hollywood seemed more than ready to welcome Chaplin back in 1972, when he received a special Oscar and a 12-minute standing ovation.