Thursday, Apr. 07, 2011

A Modest Wedding Train

From the very moment Wills and Kate announced their engagement, rumors have swirled about who will design Kate's wedding dress — and how it will differ from Diana's. Bookies seem convinced that the gown's train will be far shorter than the 25 feet of silk taffeta that trailed Lady Di. At the end of March, the odds of Kate having a train 25 feet or longer stood at 8/1, while a train of less than eight feet stood at 7/4. There's evidence to support the bookies' hunch. Diana struggled to contain her massive gown in the glass coach that ferried her to St. Paul's Cathedral — and Kate will have even less leg room in the back seat of her chosen Rolls-Royce. Plus Kate and William have made it clear they want a less lavish ceremony than Wills' parents had. Perhaps Kate will spend the money saved on the shorter train to cover the cost of that lunch buffet?