Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2011

Incan Abraham

With haunting synth guitars and textured percussion, an Incan Abraham song feels like a memory even the first time you listen to it, a soundscape for a road trip you've already taken. Lead singer Teddy Cafaro's wistful, almost lazy- sounding vocals evoke a younger Bono who isn't trying so hard. Those lucky enough to have stumbled upon the Los Angeles–based group, playing at a rooftop party, swayed in the warm air and took a much needed break from the pace and noise of the festival's chaotic scene.

With a loyal following in their hometown, a year spent on the festival circuit (besides appearing at South by Southwest, the foursome hit up the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City this past fall), and gushing reviews on and the influential culture website Flavorpill, Incan Abraham is poised to take their sound to a bigger stage.