Friday, Mar. 18, 2011

Sick Bags

Commemorative china, tea towels emblazoned with hearts, talk of a fairy-tale wedding: it's enough to make any cynic barf. To that end, British graphic designer Lydia Leith screen-printed souvenir sick bags in royal blue and pillar-box red to provide relief in case your stomach suddenly contracts on April 29. The bags cost $5 each and depict Wills and Kate in the outfits they wore to their first photo call as an engaged couple. On her blog, Leith suggests the idea was born of experience. "Did you get caught out back in '81 when Charles and Diana got wed?" she asks. "Don't let it happen again!" But speaking to the Huffington Post, she said the royals don't actually make her nauseated. "The bags are just a bit of fun, a sort of antidote to the hysteria surrounding the wedding — I'm not an antimonarchist in the slightest! It started out as a joke around the dinner table and I made them expecting to sell a handful to friends and family, but it seems there is a much greater demand." As Leith's tagline makes clear, it's enough to make you "throne up."