Monday, Mar. 28, 2011

Lady Gaga

Followers: 9 million
Sample tweet: "I have a monster fashion announcement are your paws up? I'm so excited I might give birth to a machine gun."

There's just no stopping her. She's the queen of the airwaves, the Billboard charts, Facebook and, yes, Twitter. With more than 9 million followers, Lady Gaga has more fans than anyone else in the Twitterverse. While the megastar would undoubtedly garner follows just for being Gaga — in her meat-dress-wearing, egg-hibernating glory — it's her personal connection with fans that makes the songstress so popular online. She endearingly calls her fans little monsters and thanks them effusively for their support. Calling herself Mother Monster, Gaga retweets YouTube videos of her fans covering her songs, tells her fans they keep her brave and sometimes just rambles about things she likes. On Jan. 27, she wrote, "I love Nutella (with Banana+Wonderbread) who doesn't?" Undoubtedly, sales of Nutella went up that day.