Monday, Apr. 04, 2011

Tavi Gevinson

Age: 14
Occupation: Fashion blogger
Previous TIME 100 appearances: 0

Tavi Gevinson started blogging in 2008, when she was only 11 years old. Three years later, her hodgepodge of runway-show reviews and photos of outfits she wore to school have earned her magazine covers, front-row seats at New York's Fashion Week and an estimated blog readership of 50,000 people a day. Gevinson has moved beyond blogging; she now styles photo shoots, has promoted Rodarte's line of clothes for Target, and in November 2010 she announced she would team up with the former editor of the long-defunct cult classic Sassy magazine to produce a new kind of publication for, as Gevinson described it, "an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls." Finally, there is someone to speak out for all of the short, bookish teenage girls who will never look like supermodels.