Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

Business Insider

The thinking man's finance blog it is not. But if you are looking for all manner of business and economic news, as well as Wall Street gossip and what's hot on the Web, Business Insider is the best place to go. Unfortunately, more and more of the content on the blog is basically plucked from elsewhere without a lot of original analysis or reporting. But Business Insider, which is headed by former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget, does a good job of picking its stories. A recent photo gallery of what hotels look like in brochures versus what they look like in person was a lot of fun. And when Blodget does write, it is usually worth the click. A recent story on why an analyst was fired from Merrill Lynch — a subject Blodget knows a lot about — for writing negative reports about Irish banks was a very good read. Along with Blodget the site has a reliable market commentator in Joe Weisenthal, though the length of his articles, like those on the rest of the site, seems to have dramatically shrunk. Add that up along with a usually insightful daily chart, and Business Insider is well worth the regular visit.