Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

Paul Kedrosky

Paul Kedrosky has a better life than you do. He's relaxed, and funny, and fit, and good-looking. He lives in San Diego, bikes a lot and always looks tanned and healthy in a new black T-shirt and jeans. He seems to make money effortlessly, just by being clever and geeky, not that it's entirely obvious what he does — except for blogging, of course, in which he recently turned pro by moving the financial half of his blog to

Kedrosky's blog is wonderfully old-school, as befits an early pioneer of blogging. (He set up a blogging platform called Groksoup in 1999, when blogging barely existed.) The original blog, Infectious Greed, as it's called, is indeed infectious: it jumps in an excitingly unpredictable way from sports to markets to algorithms to — well, it might just be easier to list what Kedrosky isn't interested in. The experience hasn't lost that much since the financial posts moved to Bloomberg, you just have to go to two places, and there's maybe a little less in the way of weirdly serendipitous juxtapositions.

Kedrosky sits firmly in the intersection of finance and technology, which is a perennially fascinating place to be. As a result, his blog will be a must-read for as long as he retains his indefatigable energy and keeps on updating it, which is likely to be many years yet.

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