Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

Ezra Klein

Back in the old days, before it moved to the Washington Post, Ezra Klein's blog bore the slogan, "Momma said wonk you out." That's exactly what he does. Ezra does real analysis of issues: the kind of thing that you really need to know to make an informed judgment, but that's all too rare even in financial journalism. No dueling quotes. Not much in the way of up-close-and-personal stuff that adds color but not comprehension. Instead, it's serious policy discussion — mercifully short on jargon, but deeply well informed — all the way.

Ezra was absolutely invaluable during the health care debate. He really knew the issues, including the thornier stuff like how exchanges were supposed to work, and managed to present all of that in a way that was comprehensible to the layman without seeming oversimplified to the professionals.

If I had to choose a single best feature of the blog now, it would be his morning "Wonkbook," a daily summary of the substantive issues on the front burner. I don't bother with the various political playbooks out there. I read Ezra, usually around the time I have my second cup, and I know what's really going on today.

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