Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

Megan McArdle

If the lefty slant of the top economics pundits rubs you the wrong way, this blog is the one for you. Megan McArdle rails daily at the liberals making policy and their lapdogs in the press. Along the way, she also takes on the money issues of the Washington day.

McArdle writes about everything under the economic sun, from the jobs impact of proposed Republican budget cuts to why congestion pricing won't open up heavily used roads. Her answers: very little, and because people don't like paying. If it's Goldman bashing you want, this isn't the place to get it.

Yet her blog isn't just a right-wing, pro-market rant (though it is that too). Like all the best bloggers, she delights in pointing out the sloppy thinking of politicians and commentators of all stripes — though her libertarian leanings are always evident. The public-sector unions naturally come under more scrutiny here than the deficit hawks.

Even so, a recent post on the battle of Wisconsin is devoted not to bashing the unions, but to sizing up what the Democrats expect to get out of backing them. Say what you will, but this blog is definitely not business as usual.

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