Monday, Mar. 07, 2011


Most publications would probably assume they had their economic blog needs covered after signing up their Nobel Prize–winning economics columnist for the job. Not the New York Times: in Economix, the paper has added a second must-read economics blog. David Leonhardt and Catherine Rampell, quality reporters on the staff of the print newspaper, provide a steady stream of analysis of the big economic stories as they develop. The site also features a stable of resident economists who help readers navigate debates related to their areas of expertise. If the blog only featured Ed Glaeser, a Harvard economist and leading thinker on the economics of city life, it would be well worth the read. But there are also very good economists writing about health and education policy and so on. Amid the swirl of multiple, complicated Washington policy battles, the site is a true resource.

Economix doesn't necessarily offer the depth or breadth you might find elsewhere. Leonhardt appears to reserve his best work for the paper. And I've been perplexed by the choice to feature University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan, who has touted a "Great Vacation" view of high unemployment. But like the paper that runs it, Economix deserves to be read daily.

Avent is the online economics editor for the and a writer for its blog Free Exchange.