Monday, Mar. 07, 2011

Street Sweep

For those readers left drowsy by the never-ending stream of dirt-dry reporting about Wall Street,'s Street Sweep can inject some caffeine into daily reading. Infusing color and — heaven forbid! — humor into the beige world of big business, blog author Colin Barr crafts attention-getting headlines like "Geithner fails rocket science quiz" or "How do you solve a problem like Rajat Gupta?"

But rather than give in to the common temptation among financial bloggers to sensationalize or polemicize, Barr will follow these headlines up with actual reporting and insight.

It should be noted that, while not entirely inaccessible, Street Sweep is not exactly an easy read for newcomers to financial reporting. Like a sports columnist, Barr assumes his readers go to the blog knowing certain information. Of course, this means he can skip over the spoon feeding and get straight to the topic at hand.

Morran is a senior editor for the Consumerist.