Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

Astoria (The Goonies)

Following its release in 1985, The Goonies did great things for the frequency of movie quotes in conversation and for Astoria, Ore. Shot (and set) in the small Pacific Northwest town, the film's band of misfit teens sets out on a quest to find treasure and save their homes from foreclosure. Because of The Goonies' success, trips to Astoria have become movie-geek pilgrimages, with tourists flocking to notable locations used in the film, maybe none more recognizable than the home of Mikey and Brandon Walsh. For the film's 25th anniversary, the town even held a weeklong celebration. Fans from across the country went to visit the hallowed Goonie ground and meet with some of the film's stars. And though no official monument exists, we're not worried just yet. Remember, Goonies never say die.