Monday, Nov. 04, 2002

Lily, 6 years old

"Britney's a role model. She's fashionable, and she has movements that I like. Madonna, Britney, Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child: They're role models 'cause they like action and movement so much.

(Teenagers) dress up cool so boys like them. I saw it in a movie. They get dressed so fashionable, like a doll and stuff. They usually do this cool makeup, like lipstick. And a really blushy face. It's cool.

If I don't dress well, I feel geeky. And if I feel nice, I feel like people like me. Fashionable clothing is way better and cool. My mom is fashionable. She blows her hair straight. My mom's pregnant, so I'm going to get a new sister to boss around and dress up with nice, funny outfits and cute, sweet outfits and stuff. When my mom lets me."