Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011

The Birth of Lostpedia and the Rest

Wikipedia overflows with information, but not enough to satisfy fans of ABC's Lost. Enter Lostpedia, which currently has more than 7,000 articles "dedicated" to the popular television show. It's just one of several wikis that Wikipedia hath spawned. Wiktionary, which began in 2002, is run — like Wikipedia — by the Wikimedia Foundation, and is meant to encompass "all words in all languages." Citizendium was created by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger to be a more "reliable" alternative, while Scholarpedia, whose articles are written by experts and peer-reviewed, has much in common with Wikipedia's short-lived predecessor Nupedia. Among the questionable parodies of Wikipedia are Uncyclopedia (which is, it gleefully acknowledges, "full of misinformation and utter lies") and the Encyclopedia Dramatica. But perhaps the most amusing alternative wiki may be Conservapedia, which defines itself as "a conservative, family-friendly Wiki encyclopedia" and whose contributor guidelines are cast as "commandments."