Monday, Jun. 24, 2013

Goldie the Eagle, London

Goldie the golden eagle escaped from the London Zoo on Feb. 28, 1965, while his cage was being cleaned. He swooped and soared around Regent's Park, evading capture for 12 days despite attempts by police, firefighters and even an intrepid BBC reporter wielding an Ethiopian bird pipe to snag him. The London public adored Goldie; a reported 5,000 people turned out to see the free bird in action, causing serious traffic jams around Regent's Park. Goldie was eventually recaptured by Joe McCorry, deputy head zookeeper of birds of prey at the zoo. Enticed by a dead rabbit, Goldie swooped to the ground, and McCorry caught him with his bare hands. Ten months later, Goldie escaped again — this time for only four days.