Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010

Marlon Brando, 1994

There was singing and kissing and pudgy Marlon Brando's bare feet. Those are some of the highlights of Larry King's 1994 interview with the legendary actor. Brando only agreed to do the segment because he had overlooked a provision in his contract with Random House that required him to do at least one interview to promote his book Songs My Mother Taught Me. The screen icon chose Larry King Live because he thought the host was "forthright, sincere, and direct and unexploitative." His only request was that he and King have lunch before the cameras rolled. They did, and it must have been a good meal because Brando appeared relaxed, playful and even kicked up his bare feet on an ottoman as he answered questions about acting, his youth and, yes, those songs his mother taught him. The whole thing was capped with one of TV's most famous kisses ever.