Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010

Lady Gaga

Highs: In the world of entertainment, this was Lady Gaga's year. The 24-year-old star hit the 5 million mark in digital singles sales, was the first celebrity to get more than 10 million fans on Facebook, and her videos have been watched online more than 1 billion times. Her ability to weave fashion, choreography, visual art and a wide variety of pop-based musical styles into one — and rock a dress made of meat better than anyone else could, as she did at the MTV Video Music Awards made her not only a household name but a pop icon.

Lows: While her music is catchy, her style isn't always the most innovative, with some songs sounding very similar to artists of years past like Madonna and Ace of Base. She takes what might otherwise be a generic, unmemorable song and turns it into art. Her sartorial choices and constant craving for attention can seem a little tired. And while she's generally kind to her fans, affectionately calling them her "little monsters," at a New York Mets game in June she flipped off any onlookers who dared to stare. We understand the megastars need to take in a baseball game with friends and beers without being hassled by paparazzi, but when you wear nothing but a bra and underwear to a game, what do you expect?

Kayla Webley