Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Palin's North Korean Allies

In late November, not long after tensions on the Korean peninsula exploded in artillery fire from the North, Sarah Palin took to Glenn Beck's radio show to express her concern that the White House would be weak-kneed in the face of another national security crisis. "Obviously," she intoned, "we gotta stand with our North Korean allies." Obviously, the North is a communist military dictatorship and the South has been under American protection since the Korean War. As Palin later pointed out, she merely misspoke the one time, correctly identifying South Korea as an ally in other parts of the interview, and she is far from the first politician to misplace a proper noun or two. But it should come as no surprise to the former governor that the echo chamber (or "Lamestream Media" as she likes to call it), which has elevated her every Tweet, would start a feeding frenzy over her Korea miscue.