Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Eliot Spitzer

From his high perch, Eliot Spitzer's fall was a steep one, set to the tune of spectacular hypocrisy. But two years after resigning as governor of New York in the midst of a prostitution scandal, Spitzer has returned to the public stage, so much so that he is now co-hosting a TV show. He began his turnaround as early as the fall of 2008, when he started writing commentaries about what led to — and how the government should respond to — the country's economic nosedive. After all, long before he was known as "Client No. 9," he was the tough New York attorney general nicknamed the "Sheriff of Wall Street." Spitzer persisted in being part of the conversation, and CNN's "Parker Spitzer" debuted this fall. Those shaking their heads in dismay, take heart: its ratings have been a disgrace.