Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Matador Hero Horrifically Gored

It seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, but freeze-frame photographs captured the true horror of the scene — a 1,168-pound bull goring a Spanish matador in the throat during a May 22 bullfight. Julio Aparicio, who comes from a long line of matadors, was battling the bull at Madrid's Las Ventas bullring, when he momentarily lost his balance and that's when the animal struck. One of the horns pierced Aparicio's throat, ripping through his tongue, puncturing his upper palette and poked out through his mouth. Just as quickly as it happened, it was over as the bull pulled free and dashed away, leaving Aparicio stunned on the ground.

As he tried to stand, matadors rushed to Aparcio's aid, carrying him out of the ring and rushing him to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. After spending time in intensive care, and surviving a couple medical scares, including an infection that sent him back to the hospital, Aparicio made an astounding recovery. Only three months later, he was back in the ring.