Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Lady Throws Cat in Dumpster, Unleashes the Rage of the Internet

The disturbing incident happened in broad daylight, but if it hadn't been for CCTV security cameras it might never have been seen. A middle-aged woman walking down the street comes across a cat. After glancing around, presumably to make sure the coast is clear, she opens a nearby dumpster lid and drops the cat inside, before closing the lid. She then casually walks away. Once uploaded to the Internet, the security camera footage of the incident became a viral sensation, sparking a virtual campaign to bring the woman to justice.

Authorities in England eventually discovered the identity of the 45-year-old; in court, she pled that she hadn't intended to hurt Lola the tabby cat, and said she had acted "completely out of character." Despite public calls for severe punishment (more than a few people called for the death penalty and a Facebook group derided the woman as being worse than Hitler), the courts fined her £250 for cruelty, and banned her from owning an animal for five years. The punishment may seem minor, but given the worldwide rage directed her way, cat lovers can take solace in the fact that it will surely be a long time before this woman chooses to mess with another feline.