Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Snickers: Betty White

Whom would you want on your weekend-warrior football team more than an 88-year-old actress? In this smart Super Bowl spot, the former Golden Girls star plods around a muddy suburban field; a pass flies past her just before an opposing player crushes her into the slop. "You're playing like Betty White out there," a teammate scolds her in the huddle. "That's not what your girlfriend says," White responds, in one of the 8,000 sassy-old-lady quips she made this year (somehow, they haven't gotten stale). A pretty young lady calls White over to the sidelines and offers her a Snickers bar. After taking a bite, White morphs back into the real protagonist — a 30-something dude who is now ready to kick some butt. In one final sight gag, Abe Vigoda, playing quarterback, gets sacked. The commercial, however, scored.