Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010


Netflix customers were thrilled about this year's release of an authorized iPhone app that let them stream movies and TV shows instantly to their phones. The Netflix app for iPhone comes on the heels of its iPad app, which was a hit after the tablet went on the market in April. Subscribing to any of the monthly Netflix packages, which start at $8.99, gives iPhone users access to Netflix's instant streaming queue anywhere, even on a 3G connection (though a wi-fi connection provides a better experience). It also lets users resume watching from their instant queue where they left off on their TVs or computers. It's an ideal app for commuters or parents who want to keep their kids entertained on the go. One gripe: Customers can't update their DVD-by -mail queue within the app, a surprising omission. Let's hope that feature is part of the next update.

Price: Free via iTunes (with a monthly Netflix subscription)