Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

Facebook's women had their own month-long inside joke, but it was ostensibly one for a good cause. In January, women started posting colors as their Facebook statuses — "Red", "White", even "Lacy Black." Men were left scratching their heads, but women knew the truth: it was all part of an effort (sparked by a chain message) to spread breast-cancer awareness by divulging bra colors. While it's difficult to say what this too-much-information viral campaign did in the fight against breast cancer, hey, it was at least in some way connected to breasts. A similar — and much more bizarre and unrelated — campaign spread in October in conjunction with breast-cancer awareness month asked women to update their status message with where they like to put their purse when they get home without — without using the word purse. This prompted women to say things like, "I like in on my desk," and "I like it on the couch." Titillating? Sure. But rather useless.