Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010


Amount, per affected person, donated to Pakistan following July's floods, its worst in recent memory; $1087.33 per person was donated to Haiti following this year's earthquake

The images from Haiti's earthquake resonated around the world, triggering an outpouring of money and goodwill. But Pakistan's disastrous floods did not elicit the same feelings. Perhaps it's the country's history of supporting terrorism, its alleged harboring of Osama bin Laden, or its remote location in South Asia. But whatever the reason, donors hesitated to give the kinds of money it gave to Haiti. At one point an estimated one-fifth of the Pakistani population was under water. Flying over the scene of wrecked homes and mudslides, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he had never seen anything like it. An estimated 1,600 people died.

A few weeks after the floods, donors gave a little more than $16 per affected person to displaced Pakistanis. As the crisis developed, however, the international community began to contribute a bit more. Still, the aid gap was significant. According to the United Nations, in the first three months after each disaster, donors gave Haiti $996.72 per affected person while giving $96.80 per person to Pakistan.