Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Roger Ebert

"3-D is a distracting, annoying, anti-realistic, juvenile abomination to use as an excuse for higher prices."

A bout with thyroid cancer left film critic Roger Ebert without parts of his jaw, rendering him unable to speak. The always wordy Ebert was able to find his voice again using Twitter, constantly typing comments about film, politics and the events of the day. One of Ebert's major crusades this year was against the growing trend of 3-D movies; he blogged often about the uselessness of the technology and even wrote a scathing Newsweek cover story on the topic. His personal life made the news early in 2010 when a Scottish company created a synthetic version of his voice, made from tapings of his old television show At the Movies. With this new voice, Ebert said, he plans to host online or televised programs. But fans of his writing already have Ebert's words through his voluminous film reviews, blog posts and tweets.