Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010

The Feasts in Redwall

Brian Jacques's Redwall series of books are much-beloved, but tend to follow somewhat repetitive story lines. A young mouse (we are, bear in mind, in a medieval world populated by furry woodland creatures) takes on a much bigger villainous rat, embarks on a well-intentioned quest only for the bad guys (or critters) to engage in some sort of devious subterfuge and imperil Redwall Abbey — the home of most of the books' protagonists. Said young mouse, like other mice before him, eventually rescues the situation and saves the Abbey and then, well, they have a feast. And what a feast! Candied chestnuts, beetroot pies, and cauldrons of hotroot soup jostle with trifles, cheeses, dishes of watershrimp and gloriously grilled fish (conveniently, among the few non-anthromorphic animals in the Redwall universe). These cozily earthy repasts are easily the highlight of each of Jacques's books.