Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010

The Christmas Gig

Time to put "it's the thought that counts" to the test. Target's 14-track collection of holiday music from some of indie music's hottest names is about as hip as a big-box mega-chain can get — and you can't beat the price point. This free download, set to drop Nov. 28 at target.com, is is chock full of holiday cheer and from artists including Guster, Little Jackie and Wavves. For those who can't wait 'til Christmas, ten of the 14 songs including "Toy Jackpot" by Chief Xcel of Blackalicious and "You'll Never Find My Christmas" by Bishop Allen are already streaming on Target's website; others will be featured in the retail chain's holiday TV advertising starting Thanksgiving weekend. Sure, these songs might not be seasonal classics, and a skinny-jeans Christmas might not be what your Aunt Maude was expecting, but hey — haven't you heard? There's an economic slump on, people. A free gift is tough to beat.

Price: Free at Target.com