Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2010

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette might have had a problem with the Internet, what with its democratizing tendencies and ability to give voice to the masses. And with so many people already watching the Austrian-born Queen of France — so many ready to slander her on any pretext — she would probably utilize as many privacy controls as possible. Of course, it's likely that most of Marie Antoinette's people would have unfriended her in the tumultuous years preceding her 1793 decapitation.

Favorite Quotations
• "Let them eat cake."
• "Tribulation first makes one realize what one is."

Likes and Interests
The royal prerogative, shopping, fashion, my kids, decorating palaces, repressing the mob.

Recent Status Updates
• "Marie Antoinette is about to lose her head!"
• "Marie Antoinette is feeling solitary in confinement."
• "Marie Antoinette wishes she'd invited Charlotte Corday to one of her parties."