Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2010

Ivan IV

This guy was bad. (Readers: "How bad was he?") This guy was so bad that he went down in history as Russia's Ivan the Terrible. While his last name was actually Grozny and its translation is closer to something like awesome rather than awful, early accounts say a young Ivan enjoyed torturing animals. Later, he would kill his own son. While his prolonged wars against Sweden and Poland were unsuccessful, his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Livonian War, which was an attempt to reach the sea near present-day Estonia and Latvia, persuaded Ivan to publicly execute a number of Russians whom he suspected of treason. Ivan the Terrible embarked upon a bloody purge of his own country's pampered nobility, approving a number of gruesome public executions. He personally led a raid on the city of Novgorod, razing it and slaughtering several thousand Russian boyars.

Favorite Quotations
• "Here, kitty kitty."
• "I am terrible. Literally."
• "Fourth time's a charm."

Likes and Interests
Public executions, private executions, people who aren't privileged, warring, Roman numerals, the divine right of kings.

Recent Status Updates
• "Ivan is cleaning his torture chamber."
• "Ivan is just following the will of God."
• "Ivan is feeling paranoid. Who's there?"