Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

'Trololo' Guy

What you'll need:
• Ugly suit
• Freakish, frozen smile

• MP3 player with portable speakers

Last spring's Internet meme turned hysterical performer of the year, the mysterious "Trololo" man captured Web love around the world. So why not capitalize with a costume? Don a brown suit, a yellow shirt, a mustard tie and one heck of a side part. Download the "Trololo" single from iTunes or Amazon, and save it to your portable MP3 device. Next, you'll need a portable speaker system like the iMainGo 2 ($40, Amazon), a case turned speaker that connects to your iPod or iPhone and allows you to blast your theme song on loop all night long. We suggest studying the performance diligently before stepping out to trololo on your own. That choreography is crucial.