Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Sad Keanu

What you'll need:
• A beard
• A blazer
• A sandwich
• A well of infinite melancholy (optional)

After a scruffy Keanu Reeves was spotted eating a sandwich on a lonely park bench this summer, the Internet rose to cheer him up in its own inimitable way. Message-board commenters swapped tales of Reeves' good deeds. Intrepid Photoshoppers placed the actor at the Yalta Conference, lunching above New York City and at the center of a mass of hungry cats. Anonymous Web surfers even donated money to cancer research, Reeves' favorite charity. If you don't want to go that far, you can still pay tribute to the man who taught us to be excellent to one another by dressing as him for Halloween — it's as easy as growing a beard and buying a sandwich. And as a bonus, Sad Keanu is also the rare Halloween costume that actually works better if you weren't invited to any parties and plan to spend the holiday sulking in your room.