Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Double Rainbow

What you'll need:
• A blue shirt
• A blue pair of jeans
• White card-stock clouds
• Construction-paper rainbows (2)

Want the most intense costume on the block? Dress up as a natural marvel, the double rainbow. The phenomenon went viral after Paul "Bear" Vasquez posted a video to YouTube in which he expresses wonder, awe and utter exhilaration at seeing two rainbows in the sky at once. He even got an endorsement deal from Microsoft out of it. Dress as Vasquez's inspiration by attaching paper clouds and rainbows to a sky-blue outfit. For a double costume, you and a friend can each dress as one rainbow, or a friend can dress as Vasquez himself. Whether or not they've seen the video, you'll leave fellow trick-or-treaters asking, "What does it mean?"