Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Devin Nunes

Tea Party activists have an ally in Nunes, who warns of Democrats' "totalitarian tactics." A former USDA official under George W. Bush, this 37-year-old farm boy from the San Joaquin Valley may have ambitions beyond California's 21st Congressional District.

Who is your political hero/inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from the Founding Fathers.? Washington and Franklin are at the top of my list; closely followed by Jefferson and Madison. These political heroes brought us a Republic form of government that centered on liberty. The struggle to preserve that liberty grows every time our federal government takes power and rights from the people, a threat articulated by these men.

What's your go-to political blog?
There are many that I follow but Big Government and the Flash Report are probably on top for me.

If you were not working in politics, what would you be doing?
I would be making wine and cheese.

What's the most overlooked issue facing America these days?
That roughly half of our trade deficit comes from buying foreign oil and that this trade imbalance is the result of government policies that prevent us from using our own natural resources.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?
The problems that face our country are so critical right now that I have to focus on them, not my career five years from now.