Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Mike DuHaime

The New Jersey bred DuHaime, a veteran of three presidential campaigns, won a home-state triumph as architect of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's 2009 campaign. This year the 37-year-old is busy directing spending for the National Republican Senatorial Committee as it tries to reclaim the upper chamber, but he still finds time to teach a class on campaigning at his alma mater, New Jersey's Rutgers University.

Who is your political hero/inspiration?
Abraham Lincoln — The weight of what he endured in both in his public life and personal life would have broken most people, yet he persevered with an unwavering confidence that never lacked true humility and was tinged self-deprecating humor.

In our contemporary politics, I think of Congressman John Lewis. He did more by the time he was 20 to help change America than most people will do in a lifetime — incredible sense of courage, a true hero. I'm not sure how many issues we would agree on, but I admire him greatly.

What's your go-to political blog?
I don't really have one. I read them all.

If you weren't working in politics, what would you be doing?
If I had any talent, I would have liked to have been a professional hockey player.

What's the most overlooked issue facing America these days?
The unsustainable escalating costs of pensions, benefits and salaries associated with a public sector workforce that has grown too large to be supported by average taxpayers.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?
In five years, I hope to make the 45 under 45 list somehow.